Promote the use of biodiesel B20

Wednesday - 10/03/2021

Kiatthana Transport Public Company Limited (KIAT) signed a cooperation ceremony. `` B20 biodiesel promotion project in heavy duty trucks '' With the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE), Bangchak Petroleum Public Company Limited, and two large truck operators, including Theppsombat Co., Ltd. and OPG Tech Co., Ltd., joined the signing. According to the Renewable and Alternative Energy Development Plan (AEDP 2015) to promote the use of renewable energy in accordance with government policies. With the goal of using renewable energy In terms of electricity, heat and biofuels, it will increase to 30% of the country's total energy consumption by 2036. For biodiesel, the target is 14 million liters / day. big It received support from the Energy Promotion and Conservation Fund 115 million baht, supporting the B20 fuel cost not exceeding 4 baht / unit. Trial in a group of three participating truck operators, totaling 260-270 vehicles believed to increase the use of biodiesel From 4.2 million liters / day to drive the serious commercial use of the B20. And expand into a wide range in the future.

  • Studies have shown that B20 in large trucks has no impact on the engine. The rate of fuel consumption is not different from the normal use of high speed diesel. And the combustion of the engine system is cleaner In addition to helping to reduce pollution and have a beneficial effect on the environment